How to Identify the Age of a Cell Phone

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Cell phones can typically last longer than they are used.

Cell phones help people keep in touch while on the move. However, they, like most other electronic devices, age quickly. Not only can they suffer from physical wear and tear, but they also become dated as new, superior models come out. Telling the age of a cell phone precisely is impossible without contacting the manufacturer. However, you can identify a model and then look up the years when that model was in production.


Step 1

Switch off your cell phone.

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Step 2

Remove the cover on the back of the cell phone. Then remove the rechargeable battery.

Step 3

Write down the model of the phone. You can find it on the ID sticker, typically above the serial number. For example "Model: 1100" of a Nokia phone means than the model is the Nokia 1100.


Step 4

Look up the model by using the links in the Resources section. To find information about your cell phone, type its model name in the search box and press "Enter." For example, type "Nokia 1100."

Step 5

Look at the release date. On GSM Arena, the release date is listed as "Announced" under "General." On Bye! Mobile the released date is provided just under the model name of the phone. Cell phones are typically sold for one or two years after the model is released. Accordingly, the release date give you a good idea of the likely age of the phone.


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