How to Insert a Picture Over a Video Clip

By Michael Jones

Inserting a picture over a video clip is fairly easy, and the same method is used across most video editors. The editing software you choose to use is up to you. If you want to make advanced edits, you''ll probably have to buy professional editing software. You can use basic software, like Windows Movie Maker, to insert a picture over a video clip. Most computers have Windows Movie Maker already installed on them.

Things You'll Need

  • Video clip
  • Picture
  • Video editing software

Step 1

Import your video clip into your editing software. Once your software is running, click "File" and then "Open" to browse for your video file. Just double-click on it and it will import into the program.

Step 2

Import your image into the editing program. You will do this the same way as you would import a video. Some "File" menus will have "Import Image" and "Import Video" options. Just select the right one when you import your content.

Step 3

Drag your video clip to the program's timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Choose at what point in your video you would like to insert the picture. The timeline has two markers that you can click and drag around your video clip. One marker will start the action you choose to perform, and one marker will end it. Move the starting marker where you want your picture to first show, and then select to "split" the video. The "split" option is usually on the toolbar directly above the timeline, but you may have to go into your "effects" menu to find it.

Step 5

Choose the ending point of your picture and split the video again. There will now be a space in between your split video where you can insert your picture.

Step 6

Click on the space in between your split video clips and drag it down to the audio layer on the timeline. This allows the audio to play while your picture is on the screen. If you don't want the audio to play, skip this step.

Step 7

Click on your image file and drag it into the space in between your split video clips. You may have to drag the edge of it to fill the entire space, but some programs will automatically fill it to the correct size.

Step 8

Play through your video to make sure it is what you want. If you see any problems, you can go back and tweak your edits. An easy way to undo your last edit is by pressing "Ctrl" + "Z." If you're using a Mac, use the Apple button instead of "Ctrl." Once you complete your video, save it to your computer.