How to Install Bluetooth on Your Computer

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Install Bluetooth on Your Computer

Although Bluetooth headsets are generally used for cell phones, you can also use Bluetooth headsets to talk wirelessly on a computer. Whether you are voice chatting on Skype (or another VoIP service) or playing games, using a Bluetooth headset with your computer is a fairly simple process.


Step 1

Confirm whether or not your computer is Bluetooth-enabled. Simply go to your computer's control panel section and then look for a Bluetooth icon (it is shaped like a B and should be blue.) If you find the icon, your computer already has a Bluetooth receiver, and you can go on to step 3. If not, see step 2.


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Step 2

Install a Bluetooth adapter. Bluetooth adapters normally plug into a standard USB port. You will need to install some drivers and a management program, for the Bluetooth adapter to work, but these should come on a CD bundled with the adapter.

Step 3

Put your computer in Bluetooth "discovery" mode. This mode allows your computer to find Bluetooth devices and is the first step to forming a Bluetooth enabled personal area network (PAN). Although the way to do this may vary depending on your adapter, the process generally involves opening your computer's Bluetooth utility and then looking for a "search for devices" option. The utility is in the programs menu if you are using an adapter or in the Control Panel if your computer already has Bluetooth.


Step 4

Activate your Bluetooth earpiece. Most headsets with a blue "power" button can be activated by pressing this button twice. However, many high-end models have different protocols, so it is best to check your owner's manual.

Step 5

Confirm the network link. After your computer locates the Bluetooth headset, a message will pop up and ask if you want to set up a link between the computer and the headset. Simply press the "OK" button to confirm this connection. You can then test the connection by using a voice chat program and calling a friend, or opening the Windows sound recorder to see if your voice is being picked up by the microphone.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth-enabled computer OR

  • Bluetooth wireless adapter

  • Bluetooth headset


The Bluetooth PAN that you have set up for your headset can also be used to connect wireless gaming controllers, printers and keyboards that follow the Bluetooth protocol.