How to Install Programs Without an Administrator Password

By Catherine Hewson

Installing a program on a PC is generally easy and does not require administrative privileges. However, there are some cases where these privileges are needed, and if you don’t know the administrator’s password, you will find that you are unable to install the programs that you need. Luckily, Windows operating systems provide a loophole that you can use to give yourself administrative privileges.

Step 1

Reboot your computer by going to “Start > Shutdown > Restart."

Step 2

Press “F8” three times at the first screen after the computer begins rebooting. Then select “Safe Mode” from the “Boot Options” menu that appears. Press “Enter."

Step 3

Select the “administrator” account on the logon screen rather than your own. Microsoft includes this account but hides it in normal Windows mode. You can log into it without a password.

Step 4

Go to “Start > Settings > Control Panel.” Double-click “User Accounts” and select “Manage User Accounts”. Select your username.

Step 5

Click “Change Account Type” and then click the circle located next to “Computer Administrator.” Click “Apply” and then exit the “User Accounts” control panel.

Step 6

Click “Start > Shutdown > Restart”. Upon rebooting, you will be able to install programs on your computer using your normal account.

Tips & Warnings

  • Change the account privileges back to what they were if you do not want the account to have those privileges permanently. Changing the privileges back is as simple as going to the “User Accounts” control panel and selecting “Limited” in the privileges section.