How to Install the Adobe Flash Plug-in for Internet Explorer

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Image Credit: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Adobe Flash Player plug-in allows you to view video and movies through the Internet Explorer web browser. Flash Player allows this media to download quickly and allows for high-quality resolution. With its multiplatform design, it has become a standard for viewing web rich content on the Internet. Luckily you can download the Adobe Flash Player plug-in free of charge.


Step 1

Open the Internet Explorer web browser, and allow it to load completely. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet.

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Step 2

Download the Adobe Flash Player plug-in by clicking "Download Now" on the Adobe website. Select the check box listed beside "Launch Flash Player after installation." Select "Run" when prompted to "Save" or "Run."


Step 3

Select "Install" on the Install Adobe Flash Player dialog box. Select "Recommended Installation." Select "Finish" when download is complete. Once you have finished installing this plug-in, Windows will set it as your default media player for all web content you view on Internet Explorer. The ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer will activate this plug-in every time you view or download web content such as video, movies and animations.