How to Make a Picture Collage for My Desktop

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Personalize your workstation with a customized collage desktop for your computer.

A custom made picture collage for your computer desktop is a nice way to remind yourself of people you love or special places you've gone. Some people like to create collages of things they hope to accomplish and then use them as a vision board that they can see every day when they power up their computer. Creating your own collage for your computer desktop is actually quite easy and won't take a lot of time. Just follow the simple steps listed here to create your own collage.


Step 1

Download the photos you want to use for your collage into your computer's My Pictures folder.

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Step 2

Open a blank PowerPoint document. Make sure the layout is landscape.

Step 3

Click on the "Insert" tab at the top of the page.


Step 4

Click on "Picture."

Step 5

Choose the "My Pictures" folder in the "Look in" bar at the top of the page.

Step 6

Double click on the first picture you will want to use in your collage. It should appear on your PowerPoint slide.


Step 7

Resize the picture to the desired size and then place it in the position you want it to be in your collage.

Step 8

Choose more photos for your collage by repeating steps three through seven.


Step 9

Move the pictures until you have created your desired collage.

Step 10

Save the file first as a PowerPoint slide. When you hit save, the file should automatically save as a Powerpoint slide.



Step 11

Save the file again, but this time save it as a .jpg file. To do this, click "Save as." In the "Save as type:" box at the bottom, press the down arrow until you see JPEG File Interchange Format (*.jpg). Select this. You can save the file with the same file name or a different name, depending on your preference.


Step 12

Close PowerPoint and go to your main computer screen.

Step 13

Right click on the screen and choose "Properties" on the menu box.

Step 14

Click on the "Desktop" tab on the next menu box.


Step 15

Click the "Browse" button on the right-hand side and find your My Pictures folder.

Step 16

Find the name you saved your collage under and select it. Make sure the file extension ends in .jpg.


Step 17

Choose the "Position" of your collage in the Position box. You can select either "Center," "Stretch" or "Tile." You can try them one at a time to see which you prefer. When you close out of the dialog box, you should see your new collage desktop.



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