How to Make a YouTube Channel Searchable

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Someone who wants to find your YouTube channel can try navigating to in a Web browser, or he can type your YouTube username into the "Search" field at the top of the YouTube homepage. However, not all channels are searchable: YouTube requires that a channel meet certain criteria before its videos will appear in YouTube search results. You can take steps to meet those criteria and make your YouTube channel searchable in YouTube's search engine.


Step 1

Upload a minimum of three videos to your channel. YouTube says all user channels with more than two uploads are indexed in search results.

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Step 2

Check that your account's privacy settings aren't blocking your channel from appearing in search results: Click your username in the upper-right corner while logged in, then click "Settings" in the drop-down menu. Click the "Privacy" tab on the left of the settings dashboard. Check the boxes next to "Let others find my channel on YouTube if they have my email address," and "Make statistics and data for my videos publicly visible by default." Also check all the boxes under the "Profile and Activity Settings" section, then click the "Save Changes" button. This ensures that all your channel's information and activity stays visible.



Step 3

Create compelling, useful video playlists containing songs that share interesting, unique themes. While YouTube hasn't revealed the exact algorithms or criteria it uses to index channels and playlists in its search results, the site may index and display your channel's name alongside your playlists in search results.



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