How to Make an Adobe Animated GIF

By Kevin Lee

Several online services let you convert video clips into animated gifs. These services are useful when you need to upload a small video and create a short animated gif. However, these online services have file size limitations. You cannot upload large video files or movies. Adobe Premiere solves this problem by letting you import a full-length movie if you like. You can then edit it, extract only the footage that you need and save the file as an animated gif.

Step 1

Click the "Start" menu and type "Adobe Premiere" (without the parentheses). Press "Enter" and Premiere will open.

Step 2

Press "CTRL+I" to open the File Import window. This window shows the folders and files on your hard drive. Locate your video file and click it to highlight it.

Step 3

Click "Open" to open the file. It will appear in the Project window on the left side of the screen.

Step 4

Drag the file to the Source Monitor in the center of the screen. You will see a preview of the video in this monitor.

Step 5

Click the "Play" button below the Source Monitor. The "Play" button has the shape of an arrow. The video will play.

Step 6

Click the "Stop" button (shaped like a square) when the video reaches the point where you want your animated gif to begin. Click the "Left In Point" button below the "Source Monitor." This button looks like this: {

Step 7

Click the "Play" button to continue previewing the video.

Step 8

Click the "Stop" button when the video reaches the point where you want your animated gif to end.

Step 9

Click the "Right In Point" button. This button looks like this: }

Step 10

Click "File" and select "Export."

Step 11

Select "Adobe Media Encoder." A window will open and allow you to choose an output format for your video.

Step 12

Enter a name for the output file and select "Animated Gif" as the output format.

Step 13

Click "OK." Adobe Premiere will convert the edited video into an animated gif.

Tips & Warnings

  • To move rapidly through the video preview in the Source Monitor, use the slider control under the Source Monitor to navigate through the video footage.