How to Make an Adobe Animated GIF

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Convert your movie into an animated gif without using the Internet.

Several online services let you convert video clips into animated gifs. These services are useful when you need to upload a small video and create a short animated gif. However, these online services have file size limitations. You cannot upload large video files or movies. Adobe Premiere solves this problem by letting you import a full-length movie if you like. You can then edit it, extract only the footage that you need and save the file as an animated gif.


Step 1

Click the "Start" menu and type "Adobe Premiere" (without the parentheses). Press "Enter" and Premiere will open.

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Step 2

Press "CTRL+I" to open the File Import window. This window shows the folders and files on your hard drive. Locate your video file and click it to highlight it.


Step 3

Click "Open" to open the file. It will appear in the Project window on the left side of the screen.

Step 4

Drag the file to the Source Monitor in the center of the screen. You will see a preview of the video in this monitor.


Step 5

Click the "Play" button below the Source Monitor. The "Play" button has the shape of an arrow. The video will play.

Step 6

Click the "Stop" button (shaped like a square) when the video reaches the point where you want your animated gif to begin. Click the "Left In Point" button below the "Source Monitor." This button looks like this: {


Step 7

Click the "Play" button to continue previewing the video.

Step 8

Click the "Stop" button when the video reaches the point where you want your animated gif to end.


Step 9

Click the "Right In Point" button. This button looks like this: }


Step 10

Click "File" and select "Export."

Step 11

Select "Adobe Media Encoder." A window will open and allow you to choose an output format for your video.

Step 12

Enter a name for the output file and select "Animated Gif" as the output format.

Step 13

Click "OK." Adobe Premiere will convert the edited video into an animated gif.



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