How to Make Photos Smaller for Email

By David Weedmark

High-resolution photos are great for printing, but sending then to friends and family via email can be a drag on bandwidth. Windows gives you an opportunity to reduce a photo's size when you attach it to an email message. If you have a Mac computer, you can resize images using Preview before sending them out.

Using Windows

Step 1

Right-click the photo you want to send, either in File Explorer or on the desktop. Select **Send To** from the drop-down menu and then click **Mail Recipient**. Alternatively, click the **Share** tab in the File Explorer window and click **Email.** This feature connects directly to your email client, such as Outlook. If you want to resize the image to send with a different email client, or a Web-based client like Gmail, [resize the image using an app like Windows Photo Gallery](

Step 2

Click the **Picture Size** menu. Note that the picture's estimated file size is displayed here.

Step 3

Select **Small** or **Smaller** to reduce the image size. If it's a particularly large image that you don't want to shrink down too small, you can also choose **Medium**. After you make your selection, the new file size is displayed. Click the **Attach** button to open a new Outlook window with the file already attached to a new message. This process creates a smaller copy of the picture and won't write over the original file on your computer.

Step 4

Type the recipient's name, a subject name and a message just as you would for any other email. When you click **Send** the message and the photo attachment are sent to the recipient.

Using a Mac

Step 1

Double-click the image you want to share in Finder or on the desktop. By default, this opens the file in Preview. Click the **Tools** menu and select **Adjust Size**.

Step 2

Click the **Width** or **Height** menu and change the size to something smaller. The aspect ratio is locked, so when you change one, the other is changed automatically. By default, the unit of measurement is inches. To reduce the image by a percentage, change the unit of measurement from **Inches** to **Percentage**.

Step 3

Click the **File** menu and select **Export.** Give the photo a new name so you don't write over the original photo.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be careful when modifying files with Preview, including the resizing of images. Always select "Save As." If you use "Save," Preview will replace the file with the modified version without warning.