How to Make Yahoo! My Homepage on Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox has a "Home" icon that lets users navigate to their homepage with one click. Yahoo! contains a variety of entertaining and useful links that users can navigate to from the website. Users can play games, check news, shop, search the Web and access your email. You can set Yahoo! as your homepage with a few click of the mouse.


Step 1

Launch Firefox. Locate the "Home" icon to the right of the Search toolbar and to the left of the "Display your bookmarks" icon on the far-right side of the Navigation toolbar. The "Home" icon is in the shape of a house.

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Step 2

Navigate to When the website loads, you will see the purple Yahoo! icon on the left side of your browser's Address field.


Step 3

Click the Yahoo! icon on the left side of the Address field and hold down the left mouse button. Drag the icon above the "Home" icon.


Step 4

Release the left mouse button. Click "Yes" when asked if you want to make this link your homepage. Yahoo! will now be your homepage.



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