How to Obtain a Copy of Text Messages From Verizon

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There often are some major surprises that people find when they try to obtain a record of their own or other people's text messages from Verizon. These troubles can make it difficult trace text messages for legal or personal reasons.


Step 1

Retain a lawyer to initiate a subpoena. No text message copies, even those from one's own phone, can or will be issued without a subpoena.

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Step 2

Act with extreme haste. The time limit that text messages are kept within the Verizon system is limited to no more than 72 hours, unless otherwise instructed by subpoena.

Step 3

Have the lawyer send out the subpoena. If Verizon complies, you will receive the text messages.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawyer

  • Court subpoena for Verizon

  • Cell phone number and information


Keeping the text messages on your phone is a great way to keep a reference of all of your messages, both outgoing and incoming. This eliminates the need for a copy.