How to Operate a RCA Television

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Purchasing and setting up a new television can be a fantastic experience and breathe entertainment life into a living room or den, but an understanding of that television's operation and the quirks that vary from one television to another is necessary to ensure that what should be a relaxing activity does not turn into a frustrating one. With an understanding of the television's capabilities and a knowledge of the menu system and remote functions, your experience with your RCA television can be stress free.


Step 1

Power on your RCA television using the power button at the very top of the remote, and prepare to program the channels. Channel programming is necessary so that you may cycle freely from one channel to the next in sequential order. First, hit the "Menu" button. If this is the first time you have turned on the television, you will also have to immediately choose your language.

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Step 2

Choose your signal source on your RCA television. Under the menu, you will need to highlight and select the right arrow button and then choose either the "Cable" or "Antenna" options, depending on what kind of television service you have set up.


Step 3

Hit the "Auto Channel Search" option. This will search for your channels that are available to you and automatically program them so you can cycle through them at your convenience. Wait for this process to finish. The search will initially identify digital channels and will then move on to identifying analog channels. Press "Clear" to exit the menu.

Step 4

Change your screen format. When watching different channels and switching between different screen ratios (which most often occur when switching between high-definition and standard definition channels), it is necessary to readjust your screen format so that the new channel displays fully and properly on your RCA television. To change formats, press the "ZOOM +/-" button on the remote. On a RCA remote, these zoom buttons are located on opposite sides from one another and in the middle of the remote's length.


Step 5

Switch the input or video source of your television. Changing the input will allow you to view the video and audio feeds from an externally attached device, such as a video game system. The correct input will depend on how and where you have the external device hooked into your RCA television. To change the input, appropriately hit the "Input" button on your RCA remote, which is located near the bottom left of the remote. Mash the "Input" button several times to cycle through all available inputs until your content is displayed.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA television

  • RCA remote


When entering the channel number on the remote to go directly to a specific channel, it is possible to immediately hit the "OK" button on the center of the RCA remote to jump to that channel more quickly as opposed to waiting for the channel to switch by itself.