How to Program a Metro PCS Phone

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For a phone to work properly on the MetroPCS network it must be programmed. Programming numbers affect a customer's ability to make and receive phone calls, send picture messages and access web services. Programming is relatively simple and can be completed by calling customer service at 1-888-8Metro8. The representative will guide you through the applicable steps below and proved the specific access numbers for your account where needed.


Step 1

Press the 1 key six times. Select options from the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to "Service" and press "OK." Scroll down to "Programming" and press "OK." Enter the code provided by the agent. Edit the "MDN," "MIN," and "SID" as directed by the agent. Press the end button, this is the one with the red phone symbol.


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Step 2

Press the 0 key six times then press send as if making a call. On the programming screen press "Select." Enter the code provided by the agent and press "OK" twice. Press "Select." Enter the MDN and press "OK" twice. Enter the MIN and press "OK" twice. Enter the SID and press OK.



Step 3

Key in ##626*. Enter the code provided by the agent. Click "OK" on NAM1. Edit the MDN and click "OK." Edit the MIN and click "OK." Edit the SID and click "OK" then "Exit."


The MDN, MIN, SID and code to the phone will have to be provided to you by the agent and are unique to your account. You will need to secure your account before the agent is able to provide you the numbers.



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