How to Reactivate a Deleted Twitter Account

Twitter allows you to restore your deleted account, but you need to act quickly -- you have about a month to reactivate your account before all is lost. Fortunately Twitter saves your content, so as soon as you reactivate your account you regain access to all your information. You shouldn't need help from Twitter to restore your account. Just make sure once you reactivate your account you keep it active.

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Restore your deleted Twitter account within 30 days.
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Restore Account

Once you've decided to restore your Twitter account you can do it yourself. Log in to Twitter as you did before you deactivated your account. Use a computer because reactivation is not supported on mobile devices. Once you sign in your account is automatically reactivated! You don't need to request that Twitter restore your account, but if you're having trouble with reactivation, file a support request. Unfortunately, if it has been more than 30 days your account has been permanently deleted.

Access Content

If you have deactivated your Twitter account but want access to your content you need to retrieve it within 30 days or it will be permanently deleted. Go to to access your account as usual with your username and password. Everything should appear as it did before you deactivated your account. However, Twitter is not always able to properly display all of your previous information right away. Don't worry, this content will be fully restored within 24 hours of activation.

Appeal Suspension

If you are still having trouble restoring your account, visit Twitter Support for troubleshooting tips. Your account may not have actually been deactivated, or someone may have hacked your account. It's also possible that Twitter suspended your account. To find out, log in to Twitter and check for a suspension notice. To fix this, change any behaviors that were in violation of the Twitter Rules. Once you've done this, you can appeal your account suspension.

Remain Active

Now that you have your account restored, keep it active. Twitter encourages users to actively use their accounts and warns users against inactivity. If you don't keep your account active, Twitter may permanently delete your account without further notice. Log in and tweet at least every six months to avoid having your account removed by Twitter.

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