How to Recharge a TracFone

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TracFones are cell phones used by people who do not want high monthly bills or contracts. Most phones provided by TracFone are basic models, allowing you to make calls and possibly send text messages. Although the charging process may vary slightly by model, recharging a TracFone is not difficult.


Step 1

If your battery needs to be recharged, your TracFone will display a low battery message. If the battery signal looks strong, according to, you may want to make sure your airtime minutes are current.

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Step 2

Find your battery charger. Most TracFones come with two kinds of chargers. The plug-in charger, with two prongs on the end, plugs into a wall outlet. The car charger, with a round plug on the end, plugs into your car's cigarette lighter.


Step 3

Plug one end of the charger into your TracFone, then plug the other end into the wall outlet or car cigarette lighter. The phone will display "charging" on the screen.


Step 4

When your TracFone has finished charging, the phone's display will indicate that the charge is complete. At this time, you can unplug your phone and use it as normal. You have successfully recharged your TracFone.



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