How to Recycle Cell Phone Accessories

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How to Recycle Cell Phone Accessories. If you buy multiple cell phones plus the accessories required for the ultimate wireless experience, before you know it you have unwanted phones and accessories stored all over the place. It is wasteful and unsafe to the environment to dispose of these items in a manner that leads to incineration or a landfill. Check out the many ways of reusing and recycling your cell phones and accessories.

Step 1

Donate your phone and accessories at no cost to you and receive a tax deduction. See the Recycle My Cell Phone website, and follow the mailing directions which include how to print your receipt and postage paid mailing label.


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Step 2

Join the effort of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to keep the environment safe by recycling through their eCycling partners. Find drop off and mailing information on the EPA's Where to Recycle Your Cell Phone website page.

Step 3

Watch for the EPA's public service announcements that explain the benefits and convenience of their recycling program.

Step 4

Give your phones to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) for victims to use in an emergency. Follow the step-by-step donation information found on the NCADV website to provide this valuable lifeline.



Step 5

Call your local veterans' organization such as the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars to find out where to take or send your phone for use by a military person in Iraq or Afghanistan.



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