How to Remove the Battery From My iPhone

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The iPhone continues to be one of the bestselling smartphone devices in the U.S. consumer market. As of January 2011, the iPhone's market share stood at 24.7%. The iPhone 4 comes with a 5 megapixel camera, at least 16 gigabytes of memory and video conferencing capability. iPhone owners also have access to thousands of third-party applications in Apple's App Store. You can remove the phone's battery by pulling off the glass front-panel and then unscrewing the logic board.


Step 1

Prop up the iPhone on a flat surface with the power button closest to the ground. Insert a paper clip in the small hole on the top of the iPhone. Press down lightly into this hole and wait for the iPhone's SIM card to pop out. Pull out the SIM card from the slot and put it off to the side.


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Step 2

Set the the iPhone down on the flat surface. Look for two small screws next to the iPhone's dock. The dock sits right by the power button. Unscrew both of these screws and place them off to the side.

Step 3

Insert the letter opener or thin metal tool in the gap between the silver back cover and the glass panel. Pry the back cover away from the panel carefully. The iPhone's components are all very delicate and you should pry the phone open with as little force as possible. Place the front glass panel off to the side.


Step 4

Look at the thin metallic cover inside the phone. Unscrew the seven small screws on the perimeter of this piece. Look for a small black ribbon in the corner of the metallic cover. Pull this ribbon out of the device slowly. Lift up the metal cover and place it off to the side.


Step 5

Pull up the logic board slowly out of the iPhone casing. The logic board will still be connected to the iPhone camera via a small cord. Unplug this cord from the logic board before removing it from the phone.


Step 6

Look for the silver tab on the edge of the phone's battery. Grab this tab with your index finger and thumb and then pull the battery out of the iPhone's case.



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