How to Repair & Recover Outlook Calendar

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You may need to repair your Outlook calendar if data becomes corrupted.

Microsoft Outlook, which is part of the Microsoft Office software suite, includes a calendar feature that allows users to schedule events and create reminders for important dates. If entries in the Outlook calendar are not showing up correctly, it may be a sign that the calendar data has been corrupted. To resolve the issue and recover the information, you need to run a series of commands.


Step 1

Make sure the Microsoft Outlook application is not open or currently running.

Step 2

Open the Start menu and click on the "Run" icon.

Step 3

Type "outlook /cleanreminders" into the dialog box that appears and then hit the "OK" button.


Step 4

Open the "Run" dialog box again.

Step 5

Type "outlook /resetfolders" into the box and hit "OK."

Step 6

Relaunch the Microsoft Outlook program. Your calendar information will now be repaired and recovered.

Things You'll Need

  • PC running Windows XP or later

  • Microsoft Outlook 2003 or later