How to Reprogram My Charter Cable TV Remote

How to Reprogram My Charter Cable TV Remote
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In our world of highly advanced cable network systems, remotes are often preloaded with a set of individualized proprietary functions that are specific to the cable network and hardware being used by the customer. Because of this, remotes must often be programmed to match the specific lexicon of the cable provider before they can be used.

If you own a Charter Cable TV remote, you can successfully program Charter remote functions whenever the need occurs. Fortunately, accomplishing this process is relatively easy for all subscribers. Getting started is a simple as following a few basic instructions.


You can reprogram your Charter Cable TV remote using a few simple steps. Individuals with little to no technical experience can still accomplish this task without difficulty.

Getting Started With Your Remote Control

Whether you are seeking to program a Charter Cable TV remote, a Spectrum remote control, or any other related hardware, the initial steps in the process are nearly identical. Look at your remote control and locate the buttons for the devices you plan to program and for POWER and SETUP. Locating these buttons ahead of time will help the programming process go smoothly.

Locate the specific code attached to the hardware that you want to program. In the case of a Charter Cable box, this number should be located in your device manual. You should also be able to find this number on the Charter Cable website.

After you have the identifying code, turn on the device and begin the programming process. Press the specific button on the Charter remote that corresponds to the hardware you are attempting to program — a digital box or DVR system, for example. This ensures that the remote is properly synced with the hardware to facilitate programming.

Initiating Hardware Setup

After you select the appropriate hardware device, press the SETUP button on the remote control and hold it down until you see a red indicator light blink twice. At this point, you are ready to initiate the reprogramming process. If your Charter remote has no SETUP button, review the online reference material to learn alternative methods of accessing programming features.

Use the keypad on the remote control to enter the four-digit code you found earlier. This code must be precisely matched to your current hardware. If you have any doubt about the code you need to use, check the online directory of programming codes provided by Charter.

Troubleshooting and Programming Charter Remotes

After you input the code, press the POWER button on the remote control to turn off the device. Whether the hardware does indeed turn off serves as a test to determine if the remote was successfully programmed. If the hardware does not turn off, the programming was not successful.

If you were unable to successfully reprogram your remote on the first attempt, repeat the process. If you have several programming codes, try each one until you have exhausted the list of possible code numbers. If the process still doesn't work, contact a member of the Charter team, or if you are willing to buy a generic universal remote, repeat the steps with a completely different device. Given the widespread acceptance of universal remotes by the majority of hardware, it could prove to be the perfect solution for you.

Scanning for a Code

If you are unable to find the code to your device, you can scan for it. Turn on the device you plan to program and press the button that corresponds to the device. Press and hold the SETUP button until the light blinks twice. On the remote, enter 9-9-1 on the keypad to access a list of programming options that can be used with the type of device you are programming. They are:

  1. Television
  2. DVD, VCR, PVR
  3. Audio device

Select the type of device you are programming. Press POWER and aim the remote control at the device. Press the channel up button until the device turns off. Press the SETUP button to select that code and complete the programming process.