How to Reset a Foxtel Box

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If you live in Australia or visit there regularly, there's a high likelihood that you use Foxtel to receive your television programming.
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If you live in Australia or visit there regularly, there's a high likelihood that you use Foxtel to receive your television programming. A joint venture between Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. and Australian telecom giant Telstra, Foxtel is a corporate cousin to America's Fox network. Foxtel's current-generation IQ3 and 4K-capable IQ4 boxes are as feature-rich as their rivals elsewhere, but like most others, they occasionally need a reset to keep working properly.


Reset a Foxtel Box

There are two ways to reset a Foxtel box: a simple reboot and a full system reset. The simple reboot doesn't change your box's settings, the contents of its PVR, or anything about the way it works. It just clears the system memory and starts over, much the same way as rebooting your computer or mobile phone. This resolves most minor problems you may encounter.

A full reset takes your box back to its original factory settings, so you lose all your personal settings and recordings. You also need to pair the remote with the box again and repeat your search for available over-the-air programming.


A Simple Reboot

The simplest way to reboot your Foxtel box, regardless of which one you're using, is to unplug it from its power outlet. Wait at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Wait a minute or two for it to finish powering back up and reloading all its settings and programming information.

On most boxes, pressing and holding the Standby button on the front of the box for 5 or 10 seconds also forces it to reboot. If your Foxtel IQ3 won't turn on when you press the Standby button on the remote or if there's an orange light on the Foxtel box to indicate no picture, this usually fixes it.


A Full System Reset

To carry out a full system reset on your cable/satellite IQ3 box or satellite-only IQ4 box, use the on-screen menus. First, press Home on your remote and then select the Settings icon or scroll to Settings. Select Advanced Settings and then press the numbers 0611 on your remote's keypad, followed by the Select button.

From the new menu that opens, select Installer Setup. A message pops up, asking if you want to do a full system reset. Press the Select button on your remote one more time to confirm that you do want to start over with a clean slate. If you're prompted to enter a PIN, the default is 1234. If you have changed it to a PIN of your own, enter that.


It takes several minutes for your IQ box to complete its full reset. After it's done, you can pair your remote to the box once more.

Pairing the Remote

To pair your remote to the newly reset box, press and hold the Home button on the remote. While still holding the Home button, which keeps the remote in pairing mode, press and release the Bluetooth button on the front of your IQ box. The box and the remote connect and authenticate, and you'll see an on-screen message to let you know they've paired successfully.