How to Reset Printer Ink Cartridges

On these cartridges, the chip is the copper square you see on the side facing up.

Printer ink can be expensive over time, especially since many manufacturers now have a computer chip in each cartridge that disables the cartridge after a certain date or when the cartridge is empty. Whether you're refilling your cartridge, or just trying to get it to work past its expiration date, resetting that computer chip can prolong the life of your ink and save you money.

Step 1

Buy a chip resetter for your printer. In most cases, these resetters are made to work with a number of printer types from a certain manufacturer. For example, a $6.95 chip resetter from works with most Epson desktop printers. Click on the name of your printer manufacturer in the left column and click on your printer model on the following page.

Step 2

Take the chip resetter out of all its packaging. Remove the sticker, if any, from the center.

Step 3

Set the bottom or back of your ink cartridge--wherever the copper square is--into the chip resetter. This will be either another square or a series of thin pins. If it's the pin style, push the cartridge in gently and wiggle it side to side if there's some resistance--don't force it in.

Step 4

Hold the cartridge in the resetter for a minute or so. This resets the information on the chip, including the expiration date and low-ink levels.

Things You'll Need

  • Ink cartridge

  • Ink cartridge chip resetter

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