How to Restore a Dell Dimension 3100

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How to Restore a Dell Dimension 3100
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Your Dell Dimension 3100 desktop computer includes a restore feature that lets you revert the computer system to its original factory setup. If your Dimension computer has been running slowly or has been infected with a virus that prevents the system from working properly you can fix the issue by using the restore feature. The Dell restoration feature is saved on a separate hard drive partition that can be accessed by restarting your computer and bringing up the setup menu.


Step 1

Save any files you still need from your Dimension 3100's hard drive to a separate source, such as a flash drive or CD-RW. Restart the computer.

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Step 2

Press the "Ctrl" and "F11" keys simultaneously as soon as the indicator LED lights on the keyboard flash together. Restart the computer and try again if you pressed the keys too late and the setup menu does not appear.


Step 3

Click "Restore" in the setup menu. Wait for a new screen to appear and then click "Confirm" to begin restoring the Dell Dimension 3100.

Step 4

Wait for the system restore procedure to finish erasing the hard drive and reinstall the Windows XP operating system. Click "Finish" to reboot the Dell Dimension 3100.

Step 5

Follow the prompts that appear on the screen to setup the computer's date, time and Internet connection.


If you only want to restore the Dell Dimension 3100 computer to a previous date when the machine was working properly you don't have to go back to the original factory settings. Instead open the Start bar and click the "System Tools" entry in the Accessories menu. Choose "System Restore" and then click on a date you want to use as a restore point.


All of the data stored on your computer, from music files to emails, will be completely erased when you restore the Dell Dimension 3100.