How to Restore or Read Archived E-mails in Outlook

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How to Restore or Read Archived E-mails in Outlook. Restoring deleted or corrupted emails in Microsoft Outlook is a snap. If you need to recover an email lost through a mistaken deletion or forced closure of the program, try these steps.

Step 1

Open the File menu and click on "Import," this opens another menu. Choose "Message."


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Step 2

Choose the profile that your personal file is located in.

Step 3

Pick the folder that contains your archived message. If you are not sure choose "All Folders."


Step 4

Click "Next" to import the archived email.

Step 5

Press "Finish" and open the email to read your restored message.


Different versions of Outlook may require different steps. Check online at the Microsoft support website. If you can't open your Personal Folder, try running the inbox repair tool. The backup file is the original corrupted file, so you may not be able to recover anything that is not recovered in the "Lost and Found" folder. Try renaming .bak files that the Inbox Repair Tool can't recover. Give the copies .pst extension. If you don't want messages to stay in the Deleted Items folder open that folder, choose "Edit" and then choose "Empty Deleted Items." Online help is available to genuine Microsoft products at Damaged disks or corrupted files may require a third-party product for repair.



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