How to Scan an Item to PowerPoint

By Foye Robinson

A scanning device is used to transfer contents from paper into an image your computer can read. When you scan content into PowerPoint, Microsoft Clip Organizer opens. Not only does the organizer manage images on your computer, but also lets you scan images directly from Microsoft Office applications. You can choose the device and resolution before the image is scanned. The scanned image is saved to the clip organizer, allowing you to insert it into a PowerPoint slide of your choice.

Step 1

Open a new or existing presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab and select "Clip Art" from the "Illustrations" group. Double-click "Organize clips" from the "Clip Art" task pane that opens. You are directed to Microsoft Clip Organizer.

Step 3

Place the item you want to scan into the scanning device.

Step 4

Select "File," "Add Clips to Organizer" and "From Scanner or Camera" from the menu.

Step 5

Click the "Device" drop-down list and pick the scan device. Choose "Web Quality" or "Print Quality" for the resolution and click "Insert."

Step 6

Save the scanned image and close Microsoft Clip Organizer. You are returned to PowerPoint.

Step 7

Go to the "Clip Art" task pane and click the scanned image to add it to your PowerPoint.