How to See Others' Saved Outfits in IMVU

In the IMVU 3-D chat messenger, a user can save snapshots of her avatar modeling different outfits. These pictures automatically update to the My Outfits panel located in her IMVU avatar home page for any visitor to see. If you like a specific piece of an outfit worn by another user's avatar, you can also use the panel to try it on your avatar. Whatever your reason for wanting to see others' saved outfits, IMVU has made accessing the My Outfits panel a simple point-and-click process.

Step 1

Access a user's profile card in the IMVU 3-D chat messenger. If you're in a chat room, click the "i" next to the user's avatar name. If you're in any other area, click any user's avatar name.

Step 2

Click "Web Profile" under the avatar picture to go to the user's avatar home page on the IMVU website.

Step 3

Scroll down the page until you find the My Outfits panel and then click "View All" to see outfits saved by the other user. If you can't see the panel because the user has restricted access to it, click the My Gallery panel, if available, to look at saved snapshots of the user's avatar in different chat rooms wearing various outfits.

Step 4

Click "Try It" below any outfit image in the My Outfits panel, and then click "Launch Application" when prompted, to see the outfit in the Shop area of your IMVU messenger. To try a piece on your avatar, click "Buy" to see the items in the outfit, click "Move to Wishlist" under a product name and then close the "Shop" tab. Click the "Home" tab, click "Shop" to return to the Shop area, click "Wishlist," locate the piece and then click "Try" to see it modeled on your avatar.


If you’re on your avatar’s home page and want to see a friend’s avatar's outfits, go to the My Friends panel and click “View All” to open a contact list of your friends. Click the “Homepage” link on a friend’s contact card to visit that friend’s avatar home page and review the outfits saved in the My Outfits panel on the page. You can visit any user’s avatar home page, if not restricted, on IMVU’s website by clicking a user’s avatar name.


Many IMVU users block access to their avatar home pages or to specific panels on the pages. As a result, you may find it impossible to access and see some users’ saved avatar outfits.