How to Send a Text Message from Email

By Techwalla Contributor

If your cell phone plan does not include unlimited texting, consider using email to send your text messages. Sending your text messages through email is nearly as easy as sending them from your cellphone, and it can help you save money on texting charges. To send a text message through email, all you need is the phone number of the person you want to text and the recipient's cell service provider.

Step 1

Determine the cell phone provider of the person you want to text. Ask the people you text with for their provider names or use an online look-up service such as Primeris Fone Finder, at, or Wireless Flat Rate, at

Step 2

Find out what domain name the cell phone provider uses for text messaging. You will use the domain name to address your email like this: This information can usually be found in the FAQ section of the cell phone provider's website. Here are the domain names used for some of the more popular phone providers: US Cellular: email.uscc.netVerizon: Virgin: vmobl.comAT&T: txt.att.netNextel: messaging.nextel.comSprint: messaging.sprintpcs.comT-Mobile:

Step 3

Open your email client and click "Compose" or "New" to begin a new message. In the To: field, use the phone number of the person you are texting followed by the domain name you found in Step 2. For example, if you are sending a text message to a Nextel subscriber with the phone number 232-232-2323, you would enter

Step 4

Enter your subject in the subject line if you want -- it's optional -- and compose your text message in the body of your email. Keep the message brief; most cell phones accept text messages with a maximum of 160 characters.

Step 5

Send the message.

Tips & Warnings

  • Add recipients using the same number@provider formula to send the same text message to multiple recipients.
  • When replying to a text, compose a new email rather than using the reply to feature. When you use "reply to" the previous subject line is included, eating into your 160 character limit.