How to Send Funny Monkey Email

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Here is a quick, silly idea to make someone in your life laugh today. Send them a funny email. Send your friend or coworker a "Monk-E-Mail," courtesy of the CareerBuilder website. It takes only a few minutes of time and a little creativity to make a humorous email message.

Step 1

Navigate to the CareerBuilder "Monk-E-Mail" Web page. Listen to a brief welcoming message from a monkey.


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Step 2

Click "Choose your monkey" from the panel on the right side of the page. After you choose your chimp, click on "Add Stuff" to suit up the monkey in the appropriate gear; choose from headgear, clothes, glasses and other stuff. Don't quit until your chimp is completely decked out.


Step 3

Click on "Choose Backdrop" to pick a scene for your monkey. Click "Add Voice" and chose one of the ways to add your message: text to speech or recorded. If using text-to-speech, type your message in the box provided and click "Speak" to preview the message.


Step 4

Click "Share with friends" and type your recipient's name and email address, as well as your own. Finally, send the email and take joy in knowing you're going to make somebody laugh for a few minutes. You can also send your message to Facebook and Twitter.


Tips & Warnings

  • Use the companion site, Monk-e-maker, to make a chimp with your own image.



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