How to Set Up an RCA HDTV

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RCA high-definition televisions (HDTV) are designed with a variety of connection jacks for connecting audio/video components. The sets feature plug-and-play operation, meaning that simple connections and the push of a few buttons are the only technical skills needed to begin enjoying high-def television. AV cables are usually sold separately, so it's important to check the available connections on the back of other components, such as a cable or satellite receiver, before purchasing extra gear.


Step 1

Check the back of the receiver for the source signal, cable or satellite subscription service, for example, to see what types of AV jacks are available. First choice is HDMI (high-definition media interface), a six-sided jack with 19 holes inside for transmitting digital audio and video. If the receiver doesn't have HDMI, use color-coded component AV cables.


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Step 2

Open the top flap of the shipping box for the HDTV and lift the component straight up from the box with the help of a friend. Lay the box and HDTV on the side only if absolutely necessary to remove the component from the packaging. Place the TV on a stand or table and remove the foam packing material and plastic film covering the screen.


Step 3

Connect AV cables to the back of the RCA HDTV using a set of AV Input jacks. If using an HDMI cable, insert the plug on the end of the cable straight into the jack with the wider end turned upward. For component cables, plug the RGB video cables (red, green, blue) into the color-coded "Video IN" jacks on the back of the television, then attach the audio plugs to the "Audio Input" jacks, using the white plug for the left audio connection and the red plug for the right.


Step 4

Attach the HDMI plug or component plugs on the other end of the cable to the receiver's "AV OUT" jacks.

Step 5

Plug the TV and receiver electrical cords into a surge protector and plug the surge protector into a wall outlet.


Step 6

Press the "INPUT" button on the RCA remote control to select the connection type in use with the receiver--for example, HDMI 1, HDMI 2 or Component AV 1.

Step 7

Use the RCA remote control to scan and store available channels for the television by pressing the "Menu" button, then use the up and down arrow keys to scroll to "Scan" and press "Enter."

Things You'll Need


  • Cable or satellite receiver or AV receiver

  • Compatible AV cables

  • Surge protector


Consider upgrading to a digital receiver with HDMI jacks if the current receiver is not equipped with HDMI. Aside from the simplicity of a single cable for transmitting picture and sound, HDMI delivers high-definition video and up to eight channels of digital sound. If high-def TV is available, upgrading the receiver will allow the user to enjoy all of the benefits of an RCA HDTV.


Do not connect the equipment to the electricity until the AV cables are connected.