How to Set up SBCglobal Email in Outlook

By Techwalla Computers Editor

For years, Microsoft Outlook has set the standard in reading and creating emails. Over the years, new features have been created to automate various email tasks and to limit the amount of junk email received from various senders. Outlook can be set up to send and receive email from any email account, including SBCglobal.

Step 1

Select the icon to open your Outlook program on your computer. The icon may be on your desktop or in the start menu on a Windows computer. On a Mac, look on the desktop, or use the "Finder" to look in the application list to find Outlook.

Step 2

Look for the "Tools" option at the top of the Outlook window and click it.

Step 3

Glance down the list, and click on the "Email Accounts" link.

Step 4

Choose the option to "Add a new email account" from the menu. Click the "Next" button to go to the next step in the process to set up Outlook to check your SBCglobal email account.

Step 5

Select the "POP3" option under the type of email used for the new account.

Step 6

Add the name you want people to see when you send an email out inside the box asking for your name.

Step 7

Type your SBCglobal email address you have set up in the field beside "Email Address." Make sure you add your full email address in the box (everything before and after the "@" symbol), not just the user name.

Step 8

Enter the "Server Information" in the appropriate fields or Outlook won't be able to find your account. In the drop-down menu beside "Incoming mail server," choose the POP3 option. Type "" in the white box beside "Incoming mail server." Add "" in the white box beside the "Outgoing mail server."

Step 9

Input your SBCglobal account information in the boxes describing your account. Type your entire SBCglobal password in the space beside "User Name." Type your unique SBCglobal email account password in the box beside "Password."

Step 10

Set up Outlook to check your SBCglobal email automatically when the program opens by placing a check mark in the box beside "Remember password."

Step 11

Finish the setup process in the Outlook wizard by clicking "OK" or "Next" until you see and click the "Finish" button.

Step 12

Open the properties for the email account you created by clicking the account, and then clicking the "Properties" button on the right side of the window.

Step 13

Go to the "Advanced" tab by clicking it.

Step 14

Change the port number for the "Outgoing server" to "465," and make sure a check mark is in the box next to the words "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)."

Step 15

Change the number "995" under the server port field for "Incoming mail (POP3)," and make sure the box is checked next to the words "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)."

Step 16

Exit out of the account properties and setup by clicking the "OK" and "Close" buttons.

Tips & Warnings

  • If multiple people use the same computer, you may not want Outlook to remember your password, because anyone using the computer can read your email.