How to Set Up the YouTube App on a Vizio TV

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With Internet-capable home entertainment devices like HDTVs and Blu-ray players, you are able to use built-in and downloadable applications to access Internet services. These devices normally include access using a wired Internet connection to your cable or DSL modem, or a wireless link to your router. Vizio's Internet applications include Netflix, HuluPlus, Vudu, Pandora and YouTube. Unlike many of the applications, YouTube does not require a subscription or activation of the device with your computer.


Step 1

Press the "VIA" button between the volume and channel buttons on the remote control to open the Vizio Internet Apps dock on the bottom of the TV screen.

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Step 2

Use the "Right" arrow to scroll to the YouTube app. Press "OK."


Step 3

Press the "Up" arrow to search YouTube for a video when the application starts. You can use the on-screen keyboard or the slide-out QWERTY keyboard on the remote control. Type a search phrase and press "OK."

Step 4

Press the "Down" arrow twice to browse video categories on YouTube. Categories include comedy, entertainment, news and politics, music, film and animation and sports. Press the "Right" or "Left" arrows to scroll through the categories, then press the "Up" arrow to highlight the videos in the category. Press the Left or Right arrow keys to scroll through the videos, then press "OK" to play a video.




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