How to Skip Hulu Ads

Hulu offers plenty of episodes of popular television shows online for free, with a single caveat: You still have to watch commercials. The only way to avoid commercials on Hulu is to upgrade to a Hulu Plus account, which requires a monthly subscription. Even with an Plus account, however, the odds are good you still have to endure some advertisements, depending on what shows you enjoy.

Upgrade to Hulu Plus

Upgrading to a Hulu Plus membership can remove a decent amount of ad content from your shows, but it doesn't completely remove ads. Shows and seasons exclusive to Hulu Plus still include advertisements and commercials. The reason for including these commercials is to keep the subscription fee low and give content creators fair compensation for their work.

This exclusive advertising doesn't mean every show on Hulu Plus has commercials, though, so a subscription is generally your best bet for minimizing ads during your next viewing session.

Disable Ad-Blocking Add-ons on Hulu

Most of the major browsers include support for ad-blocking add-ons like AdBlock Plus, which stop invasive content from crowding your screen. While a valuable tool for minimizing online annoyance during browsing, ad-blocking add-ons may actually inhibit the Hulu video player and keep you from viewing any videos, commercial or otherwise. The only way to fix blocked Hulu video players is to create an exception in your add-on, using its whitelist interface or Disable button.

If your ad-blocker is turned off but you still can't play videos on Hulu, update your version of Adobe Flash to the latest release. If the video still doesn't play, clear your browser's cache and history and try again or try a different browser. Firewall and network policies as well as security software like anti-virus suites may also be set to block advertisements, inhibiting playback.