How to Skip Hulu Ads

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How to Skip Hulu Ads
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When you're a subscriber to Hulu's basic plan, you'll occasionally see targeted ads at the beginning of playback and at certain points throughout your stream. Although you'll likely see fewer ads than you would when watching regular TV, you may still want to watch your favorite shows and movies uninterrupted. Fortunately, skipping Hulu commercials is as simple as upgrading to the ad-free plan. How you make that change depends on whether you've subscribed to Hulu directly or obtained the service through a third party.


Exploring Hulu Plan Options

While it was once possible to get a free Hulu account that let you stream certain shows, now you must choose from two paid streaming plans. The most basic Hulu plan gives you access to all the shows and movies in the Hulu library, but includes occasional commercials; as of April 2019, this plan costs $5.99 a month. If you want to get rid of commercials, you'll need the $11.99 per month ad-free plan. There are also some more expensive add-ons available for watching live TV or subscribing to premium channels.


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It's important to note that the Hulu website is not the only place where you can sign up for the service. Third-party sites and services like Spotify, Amazon and iTunes have their own Hulu sign-up processes and plan options. They also handle the billing.

Limitations of the Ad-Free Plan

Although the ad-free plan will eliminate most Hulu ads, the company warns that this applies only to regular content in the site's library. This means you'll still see ads if you watch live TV, record shows using the DVR feature, watch network on-demand content or access excluded shows. You might also see ads when you view premium channels like HBO or Showtime.


Removing Hulu Ads Through

If you have a stand-alone Hulu account or subscribe through Amazon, Roku or Sprint, you can change your plan on the Hulu website. You'll first log in with your account if you haven't already done so. Then you'll click your name in the top-right corner and confirm your password to access your account settings page.

On the left column that says "Your Subscription," you'll find info about your current plan and a "Manage" button near the "Add-ons" section. Clicking that takes you to a page detailing the Hulu plans available, their features and their prices.


Click the switch beside the Hulu (No Ads) plan and click "Continue." You'll see a confirmation of pro-rated charges, if applicable, and you'll be asked to confirm that you want to change your account.

Handling Other Third-Party Accounts

With access to Hulu through iTunes, you'll need to follow a different process to change your Hulu plan. If you used iTunes to subscribe, you can use your computer, iOS device or Apple TV to access your Apple Account settings, locate the Hulu service in your subscriptions list and then select the Hulu (No Ads) plan.


If you have the Spotify and Hulu bundle, Hulu's website notes that you can't select the ad-free plan at this time. You'll need to make a new Hulu account and pay for the separate service to get rid of Hulu ads.

Warning About Using Ad Blockers

You might be tempted to install ad-blocking software instead of paying for the more expensive plan. But Hulu warns against this and will detect these browser extensions. If you have the extension enabled and try to watch a show on the site, you'll likely see an error that Hulu commercials could not be loaded. You'll need to disable your ad blocking software and reload the page to view the show, and until you subscribe to the ad-free plan, you'll still be stuck with ads.