How to Stop the Service If Someone Stole My TracFone?

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A quick phone call to a TracFone representative can prevent unauthorized use of your stolen phone.

The loss of any cellular device is disheartening to say the least, but when a prepaid phone is stolen, an entire month's service card could vanish right along with it. TracFone is a prepaid-wireless provider that allows the customer to keep "track" of their her time and remaining balance. Luckily, TracFone customer service representatives can suspend the phone, freeze the minutes and even apply them to another phone at activation if your phone is lost or stolen.


Step 1

Call TracFone customer service at (800) 867-7183 to report the phone stolen. Ask the representative to suspend your service temporarily.

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Step 2

Acquire another TracFone. Purchase the phones through TracFone's website (see Resources) or at many retailers such as Radio Shack, Eckerd, Kroger and K-Mart.


Step 3

Call customer service and ask to have the phone number and minute balance from the stolen phone transferred to the new device.



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