How to Stream Video to a TV

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How to Stream Video to a TV. What if you have this awesome video file on your PC and you want to play it back on your TV, where friends and family can enjoy it? It's easy. Stream the file from your PC using your wireless network or other device. The process is simple and can be very rewarding.


Step 1

Check your digital video recorder to see if it has streaming video capabilities. Most TiVOs will let you use your wireless network and the Internet to stream video files, and many other things, from your PC to your TV. Just go to the company's website, sign in and select the files you want to see. You can also use an Xbox 360 with a media-center equipped computer.

Step 2

Purchase an interface that connects to your computer and will transmit the file to a receiver connected to your TV. A few of the better manufacturers are listed in the resources section.


Step 3

Install the software that came with the interface before attaching it to your PC. This will ensure that your operating system will detect the interface and set it up properly when you connect it.

Step 4

Attach the "transmitter" to the USB or firewire port on your PC and the "receiver" to the analog audio and video inputs on your TV. Many of these systems have ways you can check to see if they're working properly.

Step 5

Check for interference from wireless phones, microwave ovens or other devices. Although many of the newer phones now operate on a higher bandwidth, there could be interference from older devices.

Step 6

Use the software that came with the interface to select which files you want to see and then sit back and enjoy the show.