How to Take Pictures With the iPhone

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

The recent release of the iPhone has been a boon to amateur photographers. The picture clarity of the iPhone has advanced the craft of using a camera phone to capture a beautiful sunset or a stunning city skyline. Once you learn how to take pictures with the iPhone, you can create a virtual photo book.

Things You'll Need

  • Photo editing software
  • IPhone

Step 1

Active the "Camera" icon on the main screen of your iPhone to take pictures. This icon looks like a smaller version of the camera eye that is mounted on the back of your phone.

Step 2

Rotate the view screen on your iPhone to create the correct screen angle to frame your picture. To create a landscape photo, rotate the picture from normal use to one side or the other.

Step 3

Press the "Camera" icon at the bottom of your view screen to take your picture. Make sure that people are posed correctly and lighting allows for a clear picture before you press the icon.

Step 4

Access every photo on your iPhone by opening the Camera Roll section. You must first press the "Photo" icon on the main page, which looks like a sunflower. This screen will take you to a number of options including Camera Roll, which is the phone's photo archive.

Step 5

Zoom in on specific parts of a photo on your iPhone. You can quickly increase magnification on a part of your photo by tapping that area twice with your finger. You also can pinch and expand your index finger and thumb on the photo screen for a higher level of precision.

Step 6

Create a slide show on your iPhone for use on your wallpaper, email or presentation software. You must press the "Home" button on your main screen and proceed to "Settings." The "Photos" icon allows you to pull pictures from your Camera Roll and organize present photos for the best possible slide show.

Step 7

Examine all aspects of the photo using the panning option. The touch-sensitive screen allows you to view every corner of a photo as well as blurred sides by simply placing your finger and dragging it in the desired direction.

Tips & Warnings

  • Download updated versions of photo editing software to your computer if you want to edit iPhone pictures. You need to have the iPhoto 4.03 download on your Mac if you want to edit iPhone pictures. PC users must have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop to keep pace with Apple's iPhone camera technology.