How to Tether Cell Phone Internet to a Laptop

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Use your phone as a modem to access the internet on the go!

Whether you need to send or receive emails, keep a check on the weather or stay on top of the latest sports scores, tethering a phone to your computer gives you Internet access anywhere you can receive your carrier's wireless signal and anytime you need it.


Step 1

Go to the website of your phone's manufacturer. Find the support section and locate the modem driver for your phone. If you were provided with a driver disk along with your phone, copy the modem driver from the disk onto your computer. If you were provided an executable file (.exe), a file that runs an installation program, then skip ahead to the "Creating the Connection" portion of this tutorial.


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Step 2

Go into the phone's menu and activate the modem. Since activating the phone's modem function varies from phone to phone, consult your user's manual for instructions on activating the modem.

Step 3

After the phone is set to function as a modem, connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable. You will receive notification from your computer that new "hardware was found." You will be asked if you would like your computer to find drivers for you phone automatically and you will also be given the option to specify the location of the driver. Choose to locate the driver and point the installation menu to the folder containing the driver.


Step 4

Go to the "Start Menu" and open the "Control Panel." Once the "Control Panel" is open, click on the "Network" icon and, from there, select the option "Set up a Connection or Network."

Step 5

Choose the option "Set up a Dial-up Connection."

You will be presented a list of different connection types, choose the option "Set up a Dial-up Connection." In the next window, enter #777 into the box labeled "Dial-up Phone Number." While the access number #777 works with most carriers, check with you carrier if you encounter access problems.


Step 6

You do not need to enter a username or password unless directed by your wireless provider. Create a name for your connection and enter it in the box labeled "Connection Name."

Step 7

In the taskbar, right click on the connection icon and choose disconnect to end a session.

Click connect at the bottom of the menu. You should be authenticated and connected within a matter of seconds. If you need to reestablish a connection, your connection will appear in the "Network" menu inside of the "Control Panel."


You can tether wirelessly through a bluetooth connection. If the access number "#777" does not work, contact your carrier for the carrier specific access number. If you encounter password and or username errors, contact your wireless provider for information on the correct username and password combination.


Before tethering, be sure to check your wireless provider's rules and restrictions concerning data usage. For heavy data usage, a data plan through your wireless provider is recommended.