How to Text a Cell Phone Number

By Louise Balle

According to Nielsen Mobile, more than 75 billion text messages were being sent every month as of June 2008. Because of the ease and convenience of simply typing in a few words as opposed to initiating a potentially long conversation, text messaging has become a cultural norm. There are three simple ways to text a cell phone number: from a website, from your own cell phone or by sending an email.

Things You'll Need

  • Email account
  • Cell phone

From a Website

Step 1

Visit the website of the cell phone subscriber's provider or your own provider (the top four providers are,, and

Step 2

Navigate to the "Messaging" or similar area of the site. Click "Send a Text Message" or corresponding option depending on the site (you can also simply type that phrase into the "Search" box). Not all providers have this feature, and some require you to log in to your cell phone account in order to use it.

Step 3

Type in the recipient's cell phone number and your message, then send.

From Your Cell Phone

Step 1

Go to "SMS," "Messaging" or the corresponding link on the main menu of your cell phone and then select "Compose" or "Send" to write a new SMS text message. SMS stands for "short messaging service."

Step 2

Type in the recipient's cell phone number and then press "OK" or move down to the message entry box to proceed.

Step 3

Compose your message and then press "Enter" or "Send" to transmit it to the subscriber.

Via Email

Step 1

Find out the name of the recipient's cell phone company.

Step 2

Determine the email address extension that the cell phone company requires you to use if you want to text a subscriber. See the first link under Resources below for a list of the extensions for the top U.S. cell phone providers.

Step 3

Type in the recipient's cell phone number, then the "@" sign and then the email address extension that you found in the last step. This is the subscriber's text messaging email address.

Step 4

Compose a new message in your email system and type the email address in the "To" field. Type your message as you would normally (keep it short, no more than about 150 characters) and then send the email. You can receive emails back from the cell phone subscriber in your email inbox as well.

Tips & Warnings

  • Beware of some unknown third-party websites that advertise "send a text" services. They could be mining for cell phone numbers and personal information to start sending junk mail texts.