How to Transfer Pictures From a Verizon Cellphone to a Computer

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Transferring pictures from your cell phone to your computer is both easy and quick.

Almost all Verizon cell phones now have the ability to take pictures, and some phones even take great quality pictures. However, difficulty sometimes arises when trying to transfer these pictures from the phone to your computer. Cell phones are frequently lost, broken or otherwise rendered useless due to negligence or malfunction, so it's important to transfer important data such as pictures over to your computer. There are a variety of ways to transfer the pictures.


Step 1

Email your pictures to your email address. Many Verizon phones come equipped with email functionality, so sending an email from your phone is simple and easy. Select your email account on your phone and either select the "Attach" option or select the picture you wish to send and select "Send as e-mail."


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Step 2

Use a data cable. Almost all Verizon phones come with data cables. Data cables connect your phone to your PC. Many newer Verizon phones universally use mini USB cables. Older phones are specific on what data cable you must use. Plug the data cable into your phone and PC. Insert any CDs that came with the phone to assist in data transfer. If no CD came with your phone, then your computer will typically automatically detect a new device and allow you to open and view your pictures. Simply drag your pictures from your phone folders to your desktop.


Step 3

Transfer via memory card. Newer Verizon phones, such as the Motorola Droid, come equipped with memory cards. Remove the battery cover from your phone and take out the memory card, which looks like a tiny floppy disk. Insert the memory card into a memory card reader, which can be purchased from an electronics store. Memory card readers plug directly into your computer. Transfer the pictures.


Step 4

Transfer photos using Bluetooth technology. While older phones are not equipped with Bluetooth technology, almost all newer Verizon phones are. Many computers are not, however. Buy a USB Bluetooth module from an electronics store if needed. Follow your phone's manual to sync your phone and computer up with the Bluetooth technology. Select a picture from your phone and select the option to send it via Bluetooth. Confirm that you wish to accept the file on your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Bluetooth USB module

  • Memory card reader


Manufacturers typically supply a data cable, but if they do not, consult the manual to find out which one will work with your phone.

Consult your phone's manual as to what type of memory card your phone is equipped with before purchasing a memory card reader. Different card readers support different types of memory cards.