How to Transfer Your Cell Phone Contacts to a PC

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Transfer your contacts from your phone to your computer to back them up.

If your phone is lost or stolen, you might be unable to retrieve your contacts. This is a good reason to back them up to your computer. Not only will this make them accessible on your computer, but it will allow you to put them on another phone should you decide to upgrade later. This process takes only a few minutes, and you probably already have what you need to do it.


Step 1

Install the phone driver software. Insert the CD into your computer. When recognized by the system, the CD will automatically run. A step-by-step guide should be provided during the installation process.

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Step 2

Attach your cell phone to your computer. One end of the USB cable goes to the phone and the other end to the computer. The USB cable serves as the conduit to transfer data such as your calendar, contacts, to-do list and address book between your computer and cell phone. The software will recognize your cell phone.



Step 3

Go to your "Start Menu" and open up the application that was installed. Click on "File" and "Sync Contacts." The syncing process will run and all of the contacts will be downloaded to the software, where you can access them later.



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