How to Troubleshoot a Phillips Flat Screen TV

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Phillips is a popular brand of flat screen TV, providing a sleek look and the pampered viewing experience of a modern TV. With surround sound and high resolution, the Phillips flat screen TV provides solid entertainment. Troubleshooting your Phillips flat screen TV helps ensure the longevity of the device. The process of troubleshooting allows you to manually evaluate your TV and find solutions to any functioning errors within the device.


Step 1

Check the cord to the Phillips flat screen television. The first place to look when your Phillips flat screen has no power or is experiencing technical difficulties is the cord. The cord should be securely fastened into an electrical outlet. Grasp the end of the cord with one hand and push the prongs into the holes of the electrical outlet.


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Step 2

Examine the prongs of the cord for irregularity. The prongs on the cord should be straight and perpendicular to each other. If the prongs are bent or missing, the power can not be appropriately transferred to your flat screen. If you can not straighten the prongs with your fingers consult the owner's manual for instructions on acquiring a replacement cord.


Step 3

Push the up arrow button on your remote control. If you are experiencing audio difficulties, your Phillips flat screen TV may be muted. You will find the up arrow button at the top of your remote control. Push the up arrow with one finger and activate the volume for your Phillips flat screen TV.


Step 4

Plug the video input cord into the correct video input slot. If your Phillips flat screen TV is not transmitting the video images properly, you can try a different outlet for the video input cord. Find the cord at the back of your TV and push the end into one of the holes labeled "Video" in the back of the TV. Plug the cord into the correct space to improve your video quality.


Step 5

Pull the cord out of the electrical outlet. Disconnecting your Phillips flat screen TV cord from the outlet for 20 seconds allows your TV to fix a variety of problems on its own. Grasp the end of the cord with one hand and pull the cord away from the electrical outlet. Wait at least 20 seconds before plugging the cord into the electrical outlet.