How to Troubleshoot a Samsung Cell Phone

Almost everyone has uttered the phrase "I hate my cell phone" at one time or another. The fact is, that even for high-profile cell phone makers like Samsung, problems sometimes occur with the phones. However, this does not mean that you simply have to put up with inconsistencies in your cell phone functionality. In fact, a person who is having problems with a Samsung cell phone can do a number of things to troubleshoot and remedy the problem.

Step 1

If you tend to have a weak signal at home or in the office, compare the service given by different providers in the area. For example, if your home or office is close to mountains that block access to a cell tower, the signal could be partially blocked. Check the phone of a friend who has a different provider to see what kind of access he gets. Unless you want to move or change jobs, it may be best to switch your Samsung phone to a provider that has a more accessible cell tower.

Step 2

If the Samsung phone fairly often turns off unexpectedly, check to see how much energy the battery has. If the battery is depleted, recharge it and pay attention to how long the phone works before it needs to be charged again. If the battery is depleted before more than an hour of talk time is used, you may need to purchase a new battery.

Step 3

Check the SIM card. If the phone's power supply seems to be working properly but you are unable to make a phone call or send a text message, there is a chance that the SIM card inside of the phone is loose. Open the chamber where the SIM card resides and make sure it is straight and tight. Then attempt to call or text again.

Step 4

If the phone freezes and will not scroll from one menu to the next, make calls or even turn off, remove the battery from the phone and wait about a minute until you replace the battery. This is called a hard shock, and it allows the phone the opportunity to reset itself and take care of its problems internally.

Step 5

If you are attempting to hook up a new Bluetooth device to your Samsung phone but have found that the phone will not recognize the device, you should update your phone to have the latest firmware. Visit the Samsung download center to determine if you have the most recent firmware on your phone (see Resources).


If you own a new Samsung phone, read thoroughly through the book that comes with the phone. There very well may be no problem with the phone; rather the problem could stem from you not fully understanding how to operate it.


If your phone is still under warranty, attempting to open the phone up and work on the interior of it will almost certainly void the warranty.