How to Troubleshoot a Sony Grand Wega

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Plasma TVs are prone to certain problems specific to their technology.

When you come home from a long day at work, you want to relax in front of the television. You click it on; the screen goes blank. Or the set stays on briefly and then clicks off. These are common problems associated with plasma TVs, and the Sony Wega is no exception. These problems are easy and inexpensive to fix.


Step 1

If your Sony Wega will not turn on, the front green light blinks, you hear a faint whirring sound and the green light turns red and flashes, it probably means the lamp inside the set is no longer working. If you noticed the screen beginning to dim in the preceding days or weeks, this most likely is the cause.


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Step 2

If the green light flashes and the picture comes on momentarily but then goes off, and the green button flashes until the set restarts, then the seal around the lamp mount is loose and needs to be refitted.

Step 3

If the picture on your Grand Wega cuts in and out and the green standby light flashes, both of the set's STKs need to be replaced. STKs are small chips on your television's circuit boards and are identifiable by their labels. The specific STKs used in your Grand Wega TV will be identifiable by the numbered labels on top of the STKs.



Step 4

When you plug in your Sony Wega and hear a loud popping sound, it's probably caused by a defect in the high-voltage circuit. Let the professionals take care of this one.

Step 5

If, after turning on your Sony Wega, you can hear your set but the screen is black, you most likely need to replace your projection lamp.



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