How to Type Hebrew in MS Word

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Most word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, come from the software developer ready to work in the languages most commonly spoken around the World. Not only is Word predisposed to function in Hebrew, additional features are also available to make working in the language that much easier. When creating a document in Hebrew, Word automatically switches from typing left-to-right to typing from right-to-left. In addition, Word is equipped with several font options to choose from when working in Hebrew.


Microsoft Word in Hebrew

Step 1

Click on "start" located in the lower left corner of the screen, then choose "control panel."

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Step 2

Select "regional and language options" by double-clicking.


Step 3

Click on the "languages" tab, followed by "text services and input languages."


Step 4

Under "installed services," click "add" then select "Hebrew" from the drop-down menu.



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