How to Use the Snapshot Tool in Adobe Reader

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Adobe not only makes it easy to view a PDF file, they also make copying text and pictures to the clipboard, a breeze. With just a few clips you can save these items for use in other documents. Even better, the snapshot tool makes it possible to copy an entire page in a single click, making the page immediately available through the paste from clipboard option.


Step 1

Download the latest version of Adobe reader from the official website. If you have a version earlier than version 6, there is no snapshot tool, instead there is a graphics tool, which functions a little differently.

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Step 2

Open up a document in the Adobe Reader program by clicking on 'file' at the top of the toolbar, followed by clicking the 'open' tab in the drop down box. Choose your document from the documents folder.


Step 3

Navigate up to the top tool bar once again after your chosen document has opened. Click on the 'tools' tab. Follow up by clicking on 'select & zoom' and move the mouse to the new tab that opens up to the right. Slide your mouse down to 'snapshot tool' and click.


Step 4

Move the cursor to the area of the document that you wish to copy. Once you have completed the above steps your cursor will change from the hand or arrow that you were using, to an open cross. Hover the cursor in the vicinity of what you would like saved to the clipboard and double click.



Step 5

Drag the marquee square over the area that you would like to save, and highlight it. Once you have double clicked your mouse, a marquee will appear made up of dotted lines, you can include as much of the document as you would like for saving by highlighting the area with the marquee.

Step 6

Complete the highlighting process and click okay. Once you have dragged the square over the entire area that you have chosen to highlight, click the screen one more time. A box will pop up prompting you to hit 'ok' in order to save it. Viola! You're done. Now, the copied section is on the clipboard and ready for pasting elsewhere.



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