How to Use Your Sony Digital Camera As a Webcam

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Sony digital cameras allow you to use them as webcam in addition to all the other features. Just like other webcams, you can use your camera to video chat with family and friends on instant messaging programs (e.g., Yahoo!) as well as create short videos using video editing software. You can begin using your Sony digital camera as a webcam quickly once you complete a few very simple setup steps.


Step 1

Connect one end of the video cable into the "Video Out" jack on your Sony camera. Plug the other end into the "Video In" jack on your computer. The video jack is yellow and can generally be found on the back of the computer.

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Step 2

Place the camera on top of the monitor or in a secure location at eye level. Turn the mode dial on the camera to "Camera Mode" and turn on the camera. The camera automatically begins streaming video.



Step 3

Launch your webcam application, such as an instant messenger program, and begin using the camera as a webcam. Adjust the camera to make sure that it is focused on you.

Things You'll Need

  • Sony digital camera

  • Video cable


Don't forget to plug in your camera to a wall outlet for power.



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