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How to Use If you have not heard of the wildly popular website YouTube, you may be living under a rock. This site has given Internet users a chance to broadcast videos that they made or found on the web. You can use the YouTube site to perform several functions. Read on to learn how.


Step 1

Log on to the YouTube site and find several categories that you can browse to watch videos. To start, sign up for a free account. An account can save your ratings and favorite videos.

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Step 2

Watch the promoted videos. Television network and movie studios often offer free peeks at their new shows and trailers on YouTube. To see the newest studio offerings, look under "Promoted Videos."


Step 3

Create a playlist on YouTube. You can also use YouTube to create multiple playlists featuring your favorite site videos.

Step 4

Upload your own videos to YouTube. Click the "Upload" link on the main page. Sign in with your login information and upload the file with a title and description.



Step 5

Rate the videos on YouTube. To rate a video, simply click on the number of stars that you feel the video deserves. The videos with the best ratings appear under the category "Top Rated."

Step 6

Check out the Test Tube area of YouTube. This section of the website is where YouTube tests out new features before they are officially launched on the site.



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