How to View Expired Craigslist Ads

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Craigslist is a large classifieds website that allows you to post advertisements in a variety of sections, including housing, personals and sales. Before posting an ad, you are required to create and sign into a Craigslist account. One benefit to creating an account is the ability to view ads you've posted since they've expired. Craigslist retains all expired ads for exactly one year after the expiration date. All text or photos in the expired ad can be viewed in your Craigslist account.


Step 1

Open the website in your Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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Step 2

Click "My Account." Enter the email address and password associated with the Craigslist account you used to post the expired ad. Click the "Log In" button.


Step 3

Click the "Select a Date Range" drop-down menu and click "9 - 12 months." Click "Search for Post." A list of all the expired ads during that time period will be displayed.




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