How to View Home Security Camera on a Cell Phone

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One simple way to monitor your home from your cellphone is to use your webcam as a security camera and then broadcast it over the Internet to a secure site. You can then access that website with any cellphone that go on the Iternet. To do this, you'll have to grab some software that can help you set it up.


Step 1

Use software that will let you monitor your webcam remotely. An example is Webcam Monitor. See Resources for choice. On the main page hit "Download Now." Click to allow the transfer when prompted.

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Step 2

Install your security cam software by opening the installation file on your computer. You'll then be taken through the installation process.


Step 3

Open the program when ready. Hook up your security webcam and make sure you have Internet access.

Step 4

Click on "Add camera" in the main screen and hit "Next." then select the option for the camera hooked up to your computer and hit "Next" once more. Once you've chosen your device, you should see a preview of what it's currently viewing in the main screen.


Step 5

Click on the button at the top that's labeled "Start Broadcasting." Click on the "Log" tab and make note of the website address there. Using a version of Internet explorer on your cellphone, input that address and you should be able to see exactly what your camera at home is seeing.

Things You'll Need

  • Web security cam

  • Security software

  • Internet-capable phone


You can also use an IP cam that will broadcast to a site for you without a computer.