How to Write a Book With Microsoft Publisher

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Microsoft Publisher is a powerful desktop-publishing software product packed with tools to allow you to easily design, create and publish a wide range of documents. Microsoft Publisher's extensive layout and design elements allow you to take a book from concept to design to publish-ready form without leaving the program.


Step 1

Start from scratch. Choose the "File" menus and select "New." This presents you with a number of page layout options. Select standard 8.5" x 11" unless you specifically want to design your book in another size. Microsoft Publisher allows you to select from a wide array of page sizes.


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Step 2

Go to the "Insert" menus and either choose to insert a text file (text, rich text, or Word file), or create a text box and start writing from scratch. Use Microsoft Publisher's formatting features to set the book up the way you want. You have complete control over font, margins and every other element of the look of your book.


Step 3

Create subsequent pages based on the initial page by going to the "Insert" menu and choosing the "Duplicate Page" option. You can also select "Master Page" for any page that will allow you to make global changes to your book.


Step 4

Use the "Insert" menu and select the "Picture" or "Design Gallery Object" options to add graphics and other ornamental elements to your book.


Step 5

Save your book as a template so you have it available in Microsoft Publisher the next time you want to use Publisher to write a book.

Step 6

Save your document as a Microsoft Publisher file for easy access and editing later, if need be, and save it as an Adobe PDF so the book can be taken to a printer and printed in book form.




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