My HP Deskjet Printer Won't Scan

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HP's all-in-one Deskjet printers not only print documents, but also send faxes, make copies and scan documents for storage on an attached computer. The printer manages the scanning functions with the software you install when you set up the printer on the computer. While trying to scan, you may see the error message "No Scanner" or "Scanner Cannot Be Initialized" appear on the computer's screen. According to HP, such errors may be caused by a number of software or operating system problems.


Step 1

Close any open programs on your computer and restart the operating system. Press the printer's "Power" button to turn it off as well.

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Step 2

Unplug the printer's power cord from the printer. After 5 seconds, reconnect the power cord and turn the printer back on.


Step 3

Verify that the USB cable that connects the computer to the printer is securely plugged into both devices. Move the cable to a USB plug on the computer that has worked with other USB devices.

Step 4

Unplug the USB cable from the printer only while both the printer and computer are still on. After 5 seconds, plug the USB cable back into the printer.



Step 5

Click on the Windows or "Start" button and right-click on "My Computer." Click on the tab labeled "Device Manager" then click on "Imaging Device."

Step 6

Select the "All-In-One" under "Imaging Device" then click on the "Remove" button.



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