How to Pair a LG Bluetooth Headset Hbm-760

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The LG HBM-760 headset is a hands-free option for your Bluetooth-capable phone. With many states requiring a hands-free device to legally use a phone when driving, Bluetooth headsets provide an alternative to allow you to stay in touch at all times. Pair the headset with your phone properly for the best functioning results and to reduce the risk of echo or interference on the line.


Step 1

Charge the headset. Plug the charger in to a wall outlet, then plug in the other end on the charger port at the end of the headset. Charge the headset for two hours or until the indicator light shows green.

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Step 2

Press the "Call" button and hold it for seven seconds. Watch for the light on the headset to turn blue.


Step 3

Enter the Bluetooth pairing menu on your phone. The steps to access this menu will vary based on the phone you are using and the wireless carrier. Select the option to search for a new device or to add a Bluetooth device.


Step 4

Choose the "LG HBM-760/761" from the device menu that appears on your phone. Enter "0000" when the phone asks for the pass code or pin number for the headset. Listen for a beep to confirm the pairing after you submit the pass code.



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